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A Step by Step Sketch of a Mixer in Side View
(By Koos Eissen & Roselien Steur)

Drawing by hand is one of the oldest tools that designers use for every step of the design process. Even though there are huge developments in the field of computer sketching, the importance of hands can never be ignored since it is still the fastest way of communication at all.

Two months ago, Koos Eissen, Associate Professor Design Drawing Techniques at Delft University of Technology, and Roselien Steur from the Faculty of Visual Art and Design, Utrecht School of the Arts had published a sketching book titled Sketching: Drawing Techniques for Product Designer. The success was not late and all the books were almost sold out in a very short time period. That was not a surprise for readers because they had already realized that the book did not only include basic information about how to sketch, but also it had the potential to make designers notice the logic behind the way they used to draw. As a result of the success of the first edition, we are looking forward to seeing what will come out within the 2nd one.

Now, both experts shared with Designophy a movie instruction about how to sketch a mixer in side view.