Design Knowledge Intermediary
Design Indaba

Frequency: 4 times per year
Language(s): English

Cover Price: R50
Country of Origin: South Africa

Design Indaba's primary aim is to advance the cause of design as a communication fundamental, a business imperative and a powerful tool in industry and commerce.

In all design disciplines, new and unusual directions are always greeted with excitement and great interest. Through the International Design Indaba conference, now being hosted annually, the Design Indaba Magazine has access to internationally renowned design practitioners whose opinions and philosophies are coveted by their peers as well as those aspiring to reach similar heights in the different disciplines.

Design Indaba Magazine will strive to source revelatory and revolutionary insights and to provide a visually inspirational feast in the process.

The content of the magazine will draw on a broad range of disciplines such as graphic design, fashion, sculpture, fine art, architecture, product design, interior design, landscape architecture, jewellery design and industrial design.

16 Mill Street
Cape Town

Tel: +27 21 465 9966
Fax: +27 21 465 9978

- www.designindabamag.com

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