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Frequency: 10 issues per year (July/August and December/January are double issues)
Language: English - Italiano

Cover Price: 65 Euro annual (10 issues)
Country: Italy

Ottagono, “Design, Architecture, Ideas”

Founded in 1966, for forty years Ottagono has been the magazine of reference in the world of design. Every month, it offers authoritative viewpoints on new trends in the broad and multifaceted world of architecture and design. Through the words of renowned designers and ongoing examination of the work being done by young designers around the world, Ottagono has become a key instrument for professionals and an endless source of ideas for anyone with a passion for design. Feature articles on the main European and world capitals suggest exclusive trips to design destinations and noteworthy architectural venues.

Ottagono, which features bilingual texts (Italian and English), is directed by Aldo Colonetti. It is available at newsstands and by subscription in 65 countries.

Ottagono investigates three subject areas.
Trends: lifestyles, new ideas, fashion, communication. Design explores the trends of contemporary spaces, from showrooms to hotels.
Living: the workplace and home, interpreted according to different functional aspects, from planning to furnishings and materials.
Architecture: the works of highly prestigious figures and the most innovative ideas on the international scene illustrate current and future scenarios in this field.

Regular features cover all the latest news: events, exhibitions, books, technological innovations, young designers, packaging, sports, communications, city planning.

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