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World-Architects.com is the network of  architects, landscape architects, engineers, interior designers, lighting consultants, and architectural photographers—brings designers, clients, and contractors together in the goal of advancing quality in architecture.

In addition to the over 2,000 offices profiled from over 40 countries, job listings, a showroom of quality products, and an events calendar help support architects and others in this goal. Some countries also feature an eMagazine editorializing recent events in the world of architecture, with more on the way.

Carefully selected according to criteria of professionalism, uniqueness, and quality of design, offices are profiled on easy-to-navigate pages that allow the firms to present themselves and their work, and to provide easy access to important information: What have the architects built? Which competitions have they won? Which honors have they received? Where have their buildings and projects been published?

Founded by Zurich-based PSA Publishers, world-architects.com utilizes a network of editors, critics, and designers at home, in its New York City branch, and in all of the countries for which national pages are maintained. Via the linking of the different disciplines and countries to one another, a reference work has been produced in which thousands of buildings by established and emerging offices can be searched according to themes or regions.

World-Architects.com is an indispensable communication tool for building professionals and the leading medium for those who want to create and promote good architecture.


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