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SocialDesignSite.com is a non-profit organisation that aims to foster a discourse on social design through our international online platform and the organization of and participation in projects, exhibitions, conferences, lectures, etc.  
1. The first purpose of SocialDesignSite is to create awareness on social design: People as individuals have social interactions everyday. They are not alone on a deserted island. They cannot not be social. Therefore they should be aware of the fact that they have the opportunity to choose their actions in everyday life. They have the choice between following the same habits, customs and lanes they did in the past or to change them. Every new day they could do things differently than they have done it before. This is social design, how do people organise their social life, how do they design our world?
2. As the topic social design is very elusive the website give examples. SocialDesignSite is an exhibition for exemplary social design projects from a variety of fields. To give the broad topic some kind of a structure the projects are navigable by a list of pre-set keywords .
3. The website's aim is also to interconnect the projects and their owners as well as general public. The objective is to establish a unique interactive platform on social design between all the actors interested on the topic. For that the website organizes real live events, lectures, exhibitions, conferences, or even online initiatives.
4. SocialDesignSite explores itself with all the project owners and interested people participating. They do not tell what social design is, they just want to foster a discourse on social design.


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