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DESIGN 21: Social Design Network’s mission is to inspire social consciousness through design. They connect people who want to explore ways that design can positively impact our communities – ways that are thoughtful, informed, creative and responsible.

DESIGN 21: Social Design Network is itself a collaborative project undertaken by the global design and merchandise company Felissimo and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, better known as UNESCO.
Felissimo believes that the ultimate goal of any business should be to contribute to the happiness of society. Charity is often factored into their business as a cost item to provide a steady stream of funds for non-profits. Through their product catalogs, for example, they invite customers to be partners in programs such as the Felissimo Forest Fund, which is funded by $1-a-month donations and has helped to plant six million trees, and their Earth Village Fund, which provides emergency food and medical care worldwide. Felissimo also subsidizes manufacturing programs in underdeveloped countries and sells their products in their catalogs.

The partnership between Felissimo and UNESCO began in 1995 with the DESIGN 21 Award, an international design competition created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the United Nations. DESIGN 21 grew into a biannual event that brought together the work of young designers and students alongside established names and exhibited the results around the world.


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