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Chicago Athenaeum Homepage (November 2009)

The Chicago Athenaeum is an International Museum of Architecture and Design, appropriately based in the world's first city of modern architecture and design—Chicago.

Founded in 1988, the Museum is dedicated to the Art of Design in all areas of the discipline: architecture, industrial, and product design, graphics, and urban planning.The Museum's mission is the advancement of public education about the value of Good Design - from the "spoon to the city" - and how design can positively impact the human environment.

As The United State’s only independent Museum of architecture and Design The Chicago Athenaeum has demonstrated leadership and innovation in bringing the subject of design and its impact on the quality of life before a national and international audience.At the same time, the Museum has expanded its international programs by presenting significant exhibitions on architecture and design to cities through the United States, as well as Europe, Asia, and the Americas. As an International Museum, The Chicago Athenaeum maintains offices and operations in Chicago, Schaumburg, Illinois, Galena, Illinois, as well as Dublin, Ireland, Florence, Italy, Athens, Greece, and soon Hamburg/Berlin, Germany.


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