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DesignAddict Homepage (November 2009)

Designaddict defines itself as a resource for modern, post-modern and contemporary design of the 20th-21st centuries that allows you to find information and news on designers and producers and design products. The site describes its goals as building a crossroads where the amateur, the collector, the dealer, the student or just simply the curious would visit spontaneously when they need information on 20th-21st centuries design and being a place where the sharing of knowledge permitted by Internet can be expressed and fulfilled.

The site is divided into four main parts; "Index", "Addict", "Ads" and "Links". With "Index" you are able to browse information in the site on many design objects, designers and producers. You can search the whole index upon three criteria; designer name, producer name or the classification of the object.

The actual main part of the site "Addict" also is divided under many subtitles. "Calendar" which is one of these many subtitles, is diary that keeps you uptown date on upcoming international events. "Newsstand" is updated monthly with articles from leading design websites on international design news. Under the subtitle "Designnews" you are able to read DesignAddict's own articles on various design topics. With the help of "Virtual exhibition" you can virtually visit actual design exhibitions. In the "Essays" part there are essays on different design aspects. And "Forum" is an interactive place to share your questions and ideas on design.

With "Ads", which is also one of the main parts of the site you are able to reach many announcements and advertisements and place your own, too. And last of all through the "Links" page you are able to reach many websites related with design.

Although the site seems to be quite complicated because of its high content, as you browse through it you discover that the site actually has system quite easy and comfortable to use and get quickly used to it. In summary we can say that DesignAddict is an ideal website to research about and to get information on designer.

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