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Design-Engine Homepage (November 2009)

DESIGN-ENGINE.COM is a resource site for design. It has set its mission as "to become place that industrial designers can present and share their ideas" , and aims to be visited not only by design students but professional designers, mechanical engineers an anyone thatis interested in " design".

The website that seems to be in the same line as Core77, has a very professional approach. The site with its high content is divided under the main titles of feature, events, news&notable, design registry, design spotlight, cad training, magazines, design group, 6 hot desginers.Tthe news, information, forum and mail sub-titles can be reached under thefeature title. Design registry is a very broad link guide with lots of information on the links that are provided where you can find anything that is related with design that can be thought of. The title which pulls Design-engine apart from all the other design portals is cad-training , where you are able reach educational pages, tutorials and forums on Pro-engineer and Alias.


Language(s): English

CAD Training
Chair Of The Day
Job section
Hot Designers

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