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Building Design Strategy: Using Design to Achieve Key Business Objectives

By Thomas Lockwood and Thomas Walton
Published by DMI & Allworth Press, 2008

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Building Design Strategy offers innovative insights on using design as a strategic resource. Editors Thomas Lockwood and Thomas Walton of DMI have gathered wisdom from more than 25 international experts, including CEOs and presidents of major design firms, brand managers, and professors of design. In Building Design Strategy, this first-hand knowledge is combined with fascinating case studies of corporations such as Procter & Gamble, Caterpillar, Microsoft and Target to present the role of design as it relates to corporate strategy. This compelling blend of theory and practice explores the different types of design and the benefits of implementing strategy in design, including:

improving innovation success
enabling corporate strategy
improving return on investment
improving usability and sustainability
increasing customer delight
improving development processes
entering new markets
building brand image
learning to see the big picture

Praise for Building Design Strategy :

Building Design Strategy offers a compendium of fresh thinking about the power of design in business, where the lines blur. It's about how and why, a fresh prescriptive, and reminds us strategy is not about the corporate organization chart, it's open to smart thinking from everyone, designers included.
——Lee Green, Vice President, IBM Brand and Values Experience

Design strategy is a business tool in its ascendancy. Lockwood and Walton have delivered a concise anthology of critical issues that drive design strategy today. If you are looking to better understand why design strategy is an emerging business imperative, this is the place to begin.
—Jerry Kathman, President/CEO, LPK

Good design is created when a company is able to realize the functional, social, and economic potentials inherent in the use of design. It is particularly important for companies that are not able to compete on production costs to become aware of the huge potential of working strategically with design. As this book demonstrates, design creates value and helps stimulate innovation and growth.
—Christian Scherfig, Director, Danish Design Council

Section 1:
Creating Corporat Strategy and Creating Design Strategy

Section 2:
Implementing Design Strategy

Section 3:
Methods and Integrating of Design Strategy

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