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Australian International Design Awards Homepage (November 2009)

The Australian International Design Awards, a division of Standards Australia, is recognised by the Commonwealth Government and the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design as Australia’s peak design assessment and promotion body, and for its important role in fostering a culture of design and innovation in Australia.

Mission Statement
To be one of the world's foremost design assessment and promotion bodies through which Australia may become more globally competitive

The Australian International Design Awards is a not-for-profit industry body dedicated to:
- Fostering a culture of design and innovation in Australia
- Rewarding excellence in design and innovation in the Australian marketplace
- Providing a means by which Australian design may compete on a global scale and gain further exposure to international business opportunities
- Improving the awareness and promoting the benefits of professional design to industry and the general public
- Positioning design as a driver of innovation, competition, export and productivity
- Demonstrating the importance of design in the link between invention and the commercial success of products
- Providing a clear, consistent indicator of design excellence at point-of-sale
- Creating a greater demand for design in Australia by appealing to more consumers and driving design strategy in product manufacture and business
- Providing a pathway for companies to compete for Australian market share through design differentiation
- Raising the position of Australian design against a global design benchmark


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