Design Knowledge Intermediary
What is Product Design?

By Laura Slack
Published by RotoVision (Oct 2006)

Page: 256
Price: £16.25

This handbook provides an essential guide to the world of industrial design. Within its pages, it explores what constitutes successful design, how it works and how product design creates a market for itself. It also delves into the multifarious role of product designers, as new technology and materials present new possibilities for both form and function. "What is Product Design?" proves itself to be such essential reading through the many areas that it covers. These include issues of longevity and life cycles, concept generation, prototyping and product placement. "What is Product Design?" is not just an in-depth exploration of successful design, it is also a stunning, diverse portfolio of cutting-edge work from designers and studios throughout the globe. Like the other titles in the "Essential Design Handbooks" series, this will be necessary reading for all graphic designers, professional and student alike.

Laura Slack is Managing Director of manufacturing company Flo UK. She is an avid supporter of innovative ideas from new designers and has produced furniture, lighting and wallpaper designs by Alex Macdonald, Nuf Design and Absolute Zero. She sells a wide variety of interior items from her store in London, UK.