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The smart socks that every runner needs
Are you running properly?
Identify and assess harmful running styles
Sensoria smart socks help you improve your running form.
Sensoria smart socks are infused with comfortable, textile pressure sensors. They inform you in real-time when you are striking with the heel or the ball of your foot.
Monitor your foot-landing technique as you run. Visualize the foot heat-map on the Sensoria Fitness mobile app.
Sensors on the sock count actual steps taken and provide accurate cadence monitoring. Use the metronome feature or get voice feedback as you run so you are keeping to the desired steps per minute.
Simply pair your Sensoria Fitness socks to your smartphone running the Sensoria Fitness mobile app. The Sensoria Virtual Coach within the app continuously monitors your running form and provides you real-time feedback through audio and video cues during your run.