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KNEESUP - Smart for Knee Health
KNEESUP is a knee rehabilitation system that integrates a smart wearable device and mobile application.
KNEESUP provides patients with early stage degenerative arthritis a preventive rehabilitation for future long-term knee health care. Unlike other heavy assistive devices, the air bag structure in KNEESUP’s wearable device provides a soft and flexible knee support to reduce cartilage wear and tear; it also reduces the weight of the device for better and lighter wearing experience. The device’s symmetrical design can be used without having to distinguish left from right. 
The device connects to the smart core and other wearable devices using magnets, and they connect to the APP via Bluetooth. The APP recommends daily personal programmes with an algorithm based on the user’s daily training status. The hardware of the system provides the physical support and data sensing while the software provides training tutorial, emotional interaction with other users and building user confidence. The value of a software-hardware co-design is that it creates a smart rehabilitation experience.
Design: Liu Yan-Fu/Taiwan

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