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Breathe better with Flow
Air pollution—breaking it down
Air pollution is a public health crisis on a global scale; 92% of the world’s population is breathing unhealthy air. The first step to finding clean air is understanding the underlying science.
Airborne pollutants are made up of chemicals and ultra-fine dust that float in the air around us. Within these categories, there are four main pollutants that are most harmful to our health.

Making the invisible visible
The level of pollutants in the air changes dramatically over time and space. It can vary both indoors and outdoors—from sidewalk to sidewalk in your neighborhood, and room to room in your home.
This means that by tracking air quality levels around us we can build routines that significantly reduce our exposure to pollution.
A collaborative process
Working closely with leading design studio frog and a core group of beta testers the company created a sleek and elegant device that will fit seamlessly into your life.

A beautiful companion
The design of Flow has been inspired by the sheer beauty of nature. The discreet tones of the device and its mineral Eiger gray evoke the crispness of clean air.
The product features strong, durable, and reliable materials that won’t let you down in the urban jungle—like vegan leather and stainless steel.
Flow is designed for human touch and beautiful, engaging interactions that keep you informed. The spinner goes on and constantly breathes with you, which makes it the perfect environmental companion to help you find fresh air every day.


- www.flow.plumelabs.com