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Google's new wireless headphones can translate 40 languages in realtime
Google has just unveiled the Pixel Buds - a pair of wireless headphones that are equipped with Google Assistant, enabling them to translate up to 40 languages in real-time. Connected to the Pixel smartphone, they're also capable of sending and reading texts, adjusting volume, playing or pausing music, and giving map directions.
"With Pixel Buds, I can use real-time Google Translate to have a natural conversation in over 40 languages," said Juston Payne, Google's hardware product manager, while speaking at a keynote. "They let you connect with the world around you in a more natural way by rethinking how headphones should work."
To enable the translation features, the users simply holds down a button on the right earbud to activate the Google Assistant. They can then instruct the assistant to help them speak the language required.
The Pixel Buds come in three colours - black, white and blue - to match the Pixel smartphone and allow up to 5 hours of listening time on a full charge. A portable case also doubles as a charger, increasing the potential listening time to 24 hours.