Design Knowledge Intermediary
Ground floor public spaces will contain various types of public programming like a restaurant and movie theatre space.
The two entry pods for the new museum will frame a central loggia space topped by an oculus.
The glass-clad entry chambers will frame the loggia space; Image above shows entry to theater space.
MAD Architects releases new renderings of the Lucas Museum's public loggia

NBC Los Angeles has released another collection of new renderings for the MAD Architects–designed Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.

The renderings depict a series of bubbling masses rising from the surrounding parklands with what appear to be metal panel-clad bubbles and domes stretching up out of the ground. At one end of the loggia, the bubbles conceal a restaurant space; on the other, they shelter entries to a library and digital classrooms.

At the center of the loggia, the building’s mass rises to its crescendo, where it is capped by a central oculus. The dome’s descending pendentives frame the complex’s two main, glass-clad entrances. One end of the loggia contains entrances to an amphitheater while the other end leads to the museum’s principal entrance. The oculus above is framed in glass curtain walls, allowing visitors to see below from above. The inside of the entry spaces is clad in wood paneling, similar to MAD Architects’ treatment for the Harbin Opera House in Harbin, China.

The Lucas Museum is expected to begin construction in September of 2018 and open in 2021.