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Tesla Model S Shooting Brake estate offered by Dutch coachbuilder
The world would be better with more station wagon-type cars, which is why a pair of Dutch companies should win next year's Nobel Peace Prize.
Niels van Roij Design, a London-based Dutch design studio, unveiled the design for a shooting brake variant of the electric Tesla Model S hatchback. The term shooting brake goes back to the 19th century, but these days, it basically refers to a station wagon. Shooting brake just sounds fancier.
Everything under the belt line looks like a Model S, but up top, its hatchback shape has given way to a longer roof and a traditional wagon rear end.
While Niels van Roij Design has a handle on the looks department, it won't be the company to actually build the thing. That falls to RemetzCar, a Dutch coachbuilder that was previously responsible for a different kind of long-roof Tesla Model S -- a hearse. This new car will be a bit more suited to the living, although with that wagon rear end, you might be able to fit a casket in the shooting brake, too.
Order books are open for the Tesla Model S shooting brake -- which, it should be noted, has absolutely no connection to Tesla itself -- but the coachbuilder did not publish a price. Only 20 will be built, with a launch scheduled for the first week of March.

- www.cnet.com