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Lander Planter
The Lander is a self watering porcelain planter, with a hardwood stand, and nylon wick.
Self Watering
The Lander Planter's self watering option works through capillary action. Water slowly moves up from the reservoir base through the nylon wick, to keep your plants soil constantly wet. This is great for plants that like wet soil, or for keeping any plant watered when you go on vacation.

Conventional Watering
With conventional / top-down watering the base will catch the excess water that drips through the insert. Water your plant where it is without making a mess.
The Lander Planter is perfect for developing a creative work environment. Having plants in the office can increase productivity and creativity. The Lander Planter's small, unobtrusive design is the perfect addition to your work space.
Made of porcelain and hardwood, the simple contrasting materials will fit right into your kitchen. The Lander is perfect for growing small vegetables and herbs.