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REVEAL: A new type of ambient lighting
REVEAL is a new type of ambient lighting that creates the impression of sunlight streaming through a window and onto an interior wall. A light breeze appears to move through trees in the cast image. REVEAL implies the presence of a real window by simulating sunlight entering through an imaginary window.
The image projected by REVEAL is unique and cannot be recreated by any other device. Multi-plane analog images create real depth of focus. Air currents through the projector create organic, non-repeating movement in the background.
REVEAL comes with 5 window slides and 5 views. Any window slide can be paired with any view slide to create 25 different combinations.
REVEAL LED uses only 10% of the energy of the halogen version and provides at least 25,000 hours of on time without a bulb change. The LED lamp is compatible with most standard dimmers.
This work is an original product designed by Adam Frank and made in Brooklyn NYC