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Will 'Dare to Dream' superyacht concept revolutionize world travel?
This striking yacht design, aimed at those with a strong passion for both sailing and aviation, could revolutionize the way we travel the sea.
The brainchild of yacht designer George Lucian, the 'Dare to Dream' concept could change the way we travel the world. 
The airship itself is called 'Flying Diamond' and can accommodate two people, as well as a saloon for dinners, cocktails and relaxiaton.
At 140 meters in lenght, Dare to Dream has the space to host at least 12 guests, though there will also be entertainig and living spaces on board the airship.
"My concept is inspired from the yachting industry and millitary vessels design.", Lucian says.
Lucian adds that the design was also inspired by his fascination for the zeppelins which transported passengers across the Atlantic in a luxurious and romantic manner at the beginning of the last century.
The airship is 100 m lenght and would offer the yacht's owner the chance to gain different perspectif will sailing the Mediterranean, for example.
The owner can leave the yacht and spent a couple of days flying above to ocean--or have dinner floating above the bay of Monaco--before returning to deck.
Lucian says the elegance and tranquility that cruise liners and airships offerd at the beginning on the 20th century has been lost.
He wants Dare to Dream to give its owner a feeling of old fashioned elegance.
How long before Dare to Dream takes to the high seas?

- www.cnn.com