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Sunglasses from the future
Polarized MagLock Sunglasses use the power of magnets to simply eliminate dropped and lost shades.With fully embedded neodymium magnets, MagLock Sunglasses are easy to mount on anything magnetic, and also (more importantly) less likely to drop or misplace.
The company tries to design an elegant solution made to satisfy the picky minimalist. They've spent 6 years in development to get it right.
How did they solve dropped and lost sunglasses? Magnets hidden in the arms secure your glasses to your shirt, bag, and any magnetic surface. And with flexible, unbreakable shape-memory frames, and super strong, anti-scratch lenses, you don't have to worry about breaking your MagLock Sunglasses.
Frame Features: 
  • MagLock™ secures your glasses to your shirt or bag, and will stay in place any magnetic surface;
  • Face friendly soft-touch materials for comfort and non-slip fit
  • Lightweight, flexible frame comfortably hugs your head 
  • Durable high-performance material with shape memory: MagLock Sunglasses are made to last 

- www.kickstarter.com