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A "Perfect" Minimalist Wallet

Minimalist wallets are becoming popular because people increasingly wish to travel light with just their essentials—with cashless payment becoming a norm, it seems like all we need while on the go are just a few cards and a little money. 

However, not all minimalist wallet are made equal—a common complaint users make is difficulty of access. Koala-Gear has just released the Djin wallet that is designed to solve that exact problem. 

Consisting of just two compartments, the Djin—described as “the wallet, perfected”—has plenty of room, despite its small size, for cards, cash, coins and even other small objects such as keys and USB flash drives. It also has a secret drawer that lets you store small, valuable items. 

While its impressive storage capabilities is definitely a plus, its best feature would be how quickly and easily one can access its content—to reveal everything that the Djin holds and retrieve whatever you want from it, all you have to do is a simple fan-and-flick motion.

Watch the video below to find out more.


- www.designtaxi.com