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"Print" A Camera Concept
Digital instant cameras are an emerging trend in the world of photography. 
But industrial designer and photographer Jordan Steranka thinks he can do better. ‘Print’ is a concept instant camera designed with an ultra-modern aesthetic. 
‘Print’ has an unusual shape. On the back is a large touchscreen, and on the front is a camera body that consists of four over-sized buttons surrounding a dual lens setup. 
The four buttons are used to access the four core functions of the camera: Library (viewing your photos), Settings (making adjustments), Presets (filters for different looks), and Share (beaming your photos to social networks and other devices). 
In terms of optics, although the camera looks like it has dual lenses like the iPhone 7, the lenses are used one at a time. You use the interchangeable lens system by rotating the dual lenses to position either the 24mm lens in front of the sensor for wide-angle, or the 50mm lens for a normal perspective. 
The ‘Print’ logo is a stylized thumbprint containing the numbers 1, 2, and 3, which is a reference to the saying, “One, two, three, cheese!”. 

- www.designtaxi.com