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Design outside the box

Crystal Design Centre is home to "Somewhat Different", an exhibition of contemporary design and the power of convention which showcases selected examples of this design phenomenon.

The bookshelf, the Persian rug, the easy chair _ these generic terms alone trigger associations relating to the structural, decorative and configurative aspects of the objects.

In this show, the designers deliberately subvert their general, conventional understanding to reveal the absurdity of these associations.

The designs do not only provoke astonishment, but challenge one to reflect on general expectations, codes of behaviour as well as the referential context of firmly established notions, and to review traditional fixations.

On the basis of 106 different items and a total of 148 objects by 67 individual designers and studios, 47 of them based in Germany and 20 in other European countries, the exhibition discusses the objects in terms of function, materials, construction and content references.

The exhibition is held in collaboration with Goethe Institute, Bangkok University Gallery and the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations.