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Sotheby's London to Unveil Ron Arad's New Design

Sotheby's London to Unveil Ron Arad's New Design as Part of a Selling Exhibition of Israeli Design

Sotheby's London announce the debut exhibition on Thursday, 5 May to Wednesday, 11 May, 2011 of the latest design project by celebrated designer Ron Arad in association with WMF: "Pirouette" cutlery. The exquisitely designed and crafted cutlery opens up a new approach to dining and 50 sets will be available to buy for the first time at a selling exhibition curated by Janice Blackburn and hosted by Sotheby’s - Bezalel: Legacy, Innovation, Inspiration.

Ron Arad, a former student of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem, will exhibit his cutlery together with a selection of works by some of the most talented Israeli designers working today, all recent graduates and students from Bezalel. Works to be exhibited include ceramics and glass, photography, industrial design and fashion. The exhibition offers a real insight into the multi-layered types of design that have earned Bezalel its much deserved reputation as one of the world’s most outstanding arts institutions, which visitors to Sotheby’s East Gallery will be able to see and enjoy for themselves.

Curator Janice Blackburn visited Israel last year to see Ron Arad’s spectacular new Design Museum in Holon and took the opportunity to meet designers and explore studios and galleries. After a day at Bezalel in Jerusalem, looking at student work and talking to President Professor Arnon Zuckerman, she felt motivated to bring a selection of the best of past and present student’s work to London. Janice regards the high level and diversity of the work to be exceptional, sparkling and with original thought and artistic vision.

Professor Arnon Zuckerman, President of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem, said: “The Bezalel Academy is thrilled and privileged to be welcomed by Sotheby's in London to display a selection of student and graduate work. The various pieces give just a taste of the wide range of disciplines that Bezalel offers, whilst successfully conveying the innovation, inspiration, and talent nurtured within our student body both currently and steadily throughout the past century. This exciting collaboration with Sotheby's befits our reputation as a world leading academy of art, design and architecture, where creativity, quality and excellence are the very essence of our 105 year long history.”

Ron Arad
Ron Arad’s “Pirouette” knife, fork and spoon open up a new approach to dining, and seem to float above the table. Keeping their balance on a minimal base surface, the cutlery starts to bob up and down when touched. Thus the "Pirouette" begins its playful balance between form and function. The German company WMF is one of the leading international manufacturers of cutlery and, as an innovative brand, welcomed the opportunity to work with Arad. They have donated 50 sets to sell to benefit the exhibition, which are priced at £130 each.