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The 6th German Design Conference

"Acceleration and Design"
23,24 October 2007

Acceleration is the characteristic of today?s world. Processes which formally required a great deal of time can now be conducted with the click of a mouse, all kind of information is available in seconds, and communication is bound neither to place nor to time. New products and services are reaching the market in ever shorter intervals, promising better services and more functions ? only to soon be replaced by even newer developments.

At the 6th German Design Conference from October 24th to 25th businesses, designers, and scientists will look into the effects of acceleration and will present possible outlooks on future developments.

The 6th German Design Conference is presented by the International Design Center Berlin e.V. and the Rat für Formgebung/German Design Council, Frankfurt. It takes place under the umbrella of the regional initiative Project Future and within the context of the design initiative of the German Industry. It is organized by the IDZ DesignPartner Berlin GmbH.

Program October 24th

10 am Greeting
Harald Wolf, Senator for Economics, Technology and Women's Issues, Berlin
Andrej Kupetz, Director and Professional Manager, German Design Council, Frankfurt
10.30 am A New Understanding in Design
Dr. Silke Claus, Director, IDZ Berlin
Global Responsibility for Space
Brett Kincaid, Director Design, Steelcase International, Straßburg
Lindsey Parnell, President and CEO Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, InterfaceFLOR
  Encased Space: Car Concepts for Tomorrow
Johannes Barckmann, Director Styling, EDAG Engineering + Design AG, Fulda
  new: Greener Footprints
Andrew Wong, Senior Designer, frog design europe gmbh, Herrenberg
1 pm Lunch break
  Innovation is a Unique Combination of Existing Ideas
Carl Gustav Magnusson, C.G. Magnusson Design, New York
  Function and Aesthetics in Fashionable Wearables
Sabine Seymour, CEO and Chief Creative Director, Moondial, Vienna, Austria
  Interpersonal Emotions in Mobile Communication
Anja Herwig, CEO, URBAN TOOL Design und Handels GmbH, Vienna
Sabrina Tanner, CFO, URBAN TOOL Design und Handels GmbH, Vienna
  Moving Gaming Experiences ? Consoles of the New Generation
new: Pascal Schmidt, Head of Consumer Marketing & PR Nintendo Germany GmbH, Großostheim
2 pm Round table 1 (parallel)
Design Thinking ? Multidisciplinary Teams as Driver of Innovation in all Areas of Life
Prof. Ulrich Weinberg, Director School of Design Thinking, Hasso-Plattner-Institut für Software-Systemtechnik GmbH, Potsdam
Alexander Grots, CEO, IDEO Deutschland GmbH, München
Pascal Soboll, IDEO Deutschland GmbH, München
Hanswerner Dreissigacker, Design Service Team, SAP AG, Walldorf
Conference room 2
4 pm Coffee break
  The World of Brands - In-Between High Quality Standards and Quick Market Launches
neu: Christian Rauch, Business Manager Mobile, Digital Imaging, e-Vehicle, Sony Deutschland GmbH, Berlin
  Speed Through Network?
Alexander Grots, CEO, IDEO Deutschland GmbH, München
  Creativity in Complex Product Developments
Dieter Futschik, Head of Design PKW Exterieur and Interieur, Mercedes Car-Group, Sindelfingen
  Learning Design: Designing and Automating Learning Processes
Beate Bruns, CEO, time4you GmbH communication & learning, Karlsruhe
4.30 pm Round table 2 (parallel)
Future of Mobile Design
Cees van Dok, Creative Director, frog design europe gmbh, Herrenberg
Conference room 2
7 pm Reception

Program October 25th

9.45 am Welcoming/Introduction
Dr. Silke Claus, Managing Director, IDZ Berlin
10.00 am Primacy of the Visual?
Peter Glaser, Writer, Journalist, Berlin
  IIS Integrated Interface System: a Standardardization of User Interfaces for Online, Offline and Mobile Media
Prof. Tanja Diezmann, pReview digital design GmbH, Berlin / Hochschule Anhalt, Dessau
  Communicating Interaction Design
Kristjan Kristjansson, Heinrich Bauer Verlag, Hamburg
  Design Driven Innovation
Dr. Gesche Joost, Design Research, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Berlin
  New Media in Public Space
Prof. Joachim Sauter, Universität der Künste / ART+COM, Berlin
10.30 am Round table 3 (parallel)
Learning Design
Beate Bruns, CEO, time4you GmbH communication & learning, Karlsruhe 
12.30 pm Lunch break
  New Schedule:
  From Customer Relationship Management to Interactive Value Creation
Prof. Dr. Frank T. Piller, RWTH Aachen and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  Design for Emotion
Dr. ir. Pieter M.A. Desmet, Department of Industrial Design, Delft University of Technology, Niederlande
  Human Brand Interfaces
Michael Volkmer, Managin Director, Scholz & Volkmer GmbH, Wiesbaden
2.30 pm The Transformation of the Nürburgring:
Concept, Brand Strategy, Design, Architecture
Dr. Walter Kafitz, CEO, Nürburgring GmbH, Nürburg
Helmut Ness, Member of the Board, FUENFWERKEN Design AG, Berlin
Arne Klein, CEO, kleinundpläcking markenberatung GmbH, Berlin
3.30 pm Coffee break
  ShyTech ? a Journey to 2012
Nils Müller, CEO, TrendONE a Prodiction Company, Hamburg
  Final Panel Discussion
Driven by Technology: the Future of Design
Dr. Lutz Meyer, CEO, Scholz & Friends Agenda, Berlin
Nils Müller, CEO, TrendONE a Prodiction Company, Hamburg
Wolfgang Müller-Pietralla, Head of Future Affaires, Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg
Prof. Axel Thallemer, FRSA Head of SCIONIC® I.D.E.A.L. Industrial Design Education Austria Linz
5.30 pm End of the German Design Conference


Website: www.deutsche-designkonferenz.de/blog/?page_id=48&langswitch_lang=en

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