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Futurist Extraordinaire Syd Mead has been designing futuristic concepts for corporations and the movies (including Blade Runner and Tron) since the '60s.
Over the last 50 years, Syd Mead has created startling pictures for clients all over the world. His technique infuses finished scenarios with a vivid reality, allowing the viewer to gain a look into many visions of future worlds. He has designed and illustrated for corporations, motion pictures, themed entertainment, and a wide range ...

Syd Mead
(By Ayhan Ensici)

SYD&MURAL: This is another view inside my home. The mural is printed on one sheet of vinyl sixteen feet by seven feet and applied to the living room wall.

BR FAÇADE:One of the many street façades I designed for the movie BLADERUNNER.

FUTURE CITY: This was an end-of-story illustration for art directors on the ill-fated BATTLE CRUISER YAMATO 2O5O, an anime series in Japan.

GEOMETRIC FACE:I like to make very casual drawings with a simple pen on regular letter paper. Then, If I like the result I scan the drawing into my Macintosh, colorized it and this is representative of the result.

AIR CUSHION BOAT:This was my design for a water taxi craft to be built by TEXTRON, Inc. for the Washington, D.C. area.

CYBERCASTLE: This was a gouache illustration done for a client who was going to use as an art direction and modeling guide to model a three-dimensional web site opening scene.

SUPER YACHT 1: I was commissioned to design an exterior alignment for an Arabian client who specifically did not want to see the life boats on either side of the hull, so I enclosed them in bulges.

SUPER YACHT: I was contracted by TENCARA yacht yard in Venice to design a very different kind of super yacht.

SYDs 3OOSL: This is my 1956 Mercedes Benz 3OO SL GullWing coupe.

DINING2LIVING: Because one of the questions was do I include design in my everyday activities, this is a view of my house interior.

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