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Morpheus, 2007
Swarovski, Austria

Yves Behar


W 134 cm, H 335 cm, D 134 cm


Morpheus is the god of dreams and according to its designer, "like a dream, the changing forms of the Morpheus light sculpture offer a poetic search for the perfect form one wants to live under, or the sign one wants to leave behind". The form Morpheus thus takes its shape according to the viewer's imagination. It can appear as circle, a square, an infinity sign and in numerous guises beyond.

The many permutations of the 30.000 Swarovski crystals that make up the large Morpheus are possible through the use of servo-motors and lead cables applying pressure to a flexible spring steel assembly. The chandelier is controlled by a remote tablet and custom-made drawing software that triggers the magical transformation of the entire light.