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606 Universal Shelving System, 1960
Vitsoe, UK

Dieter Rams

Aluminium, galvanised steel with light grey powder coating or wood (MDF)

W 91 cm, H  D 33.5 cm


The 606 Universal Shelving System, created by the designer, Dieter Rams, is a design classic. It’s a revolutionary way of building shelves - a modular system that can be used for one shelf or an entire library. It’s adjustable and extendable without tools and is fabricated in metal with simple, clean lines. Users can add to their system slowly and seamlessly – a shelf at a time if they wish – as their needs change.

The original 606 Universal Shelving System design was created by Vitsoe in 1960 and was the sixth design (60-6), which is where the name originates.

The 606 Universal Shelving System has won multiple awards for design excellence, and is part of the collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York City.