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Cob Bowl

Cob Bowl, 1971
San Lorenzo, Italy

Franco Albini. Franca Helg


Ø 12.5 cm, H 30 cm


The studio of San Lorenzo was formed in 1970. Its express purpose was to create a new idiom in sterling silver. The small group of designers that formed its nucleus aimed to produce high quality designs in sterling. San Lorenzo implemented a select band of products in batch production runs. There was strong emphasis on finely detailed quality, both in design and workmanship.

Franco Albini designed this bowl with Franca Helg, who joined his firm in 1930.

The shape of the bowl is a regular hemisphere. The base is small, circular and plain; the sides decorated with spiralled flutes which are further embossed with a continuous series of small beads, similar in appearance to the grains on a corn cob.