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Animali Domestici

Animali Domestici Collection, 1985
Zabro, Italy

Andrea Branzi

Painted wood, tree branches

In 1985 - 1986, Andrea Branzi created a mysterious collection of creature-objects collectively known as Domestic Animals. These are designs that are fetischistic and contemplative, bringing to mind magic or tribal rituals. The objects of Domestic Animals introduced an environment of symbols and materials that invited a new way of inhabiting the home. Branzi hoped to establish a new relationship between object and user.

Uniting percision of design with natural raw materials, these objects, fashioned from tree trunks, wood sticks, animal skins, and bamboo rods of steel painted in bright totemic colors, could not fail to provoke a response. Taken out of their wild setting and tamed by technology, Domestic Animals established a relationship with man, sharing in his most private space. Never before had there been a collection of modern furnishings such as these. Their influence can be seen in the work of a younger generation of designers throughout the late 1980s and 1990s.

The objects produced for the original Domestic Animals collection were exhibited at the Museo Alchimia, Milan in September 1985. In late 1985 and into 1986, the collection was expanded and shown as part of his Remote Controlled House at the 17th Triennial Exhibition in Milan, 1986. At the Large Hybrid Carpet exhibition held at the Musee Saint Pierre in Lyons during 1986 the collection of Bamboo furnishings were displayed.

Most of the objects in these collections were produced only as prototypes and unique examples however some select styles entered into limited production by Zabro/Alchymia. None of the Domestic Animals pieces are currently produced.