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Bruno Munari

Born in 1907, Milan, Italy
Died in 1998, Milan, Italy

. was mentored by     Futurist artist Filippo Tommaso Marinetti at the age of eighteen,   
. was an artist and designer who contributed fundamentals in many fields of visual arts (paint, sculpture, film, industrial design, graphics) and non visual arts literature, poetry, didactic) with the research on the game subject, infancy and creativity,
. showcased his useless machines-- a series of Dadaist, ever-moving geometrical solids suspended in the air-- in 1932 for the first time,
. was called as "the new Leonardo" by Picasso,
. worked as a graphic designer till 1938 and between 1939-1945 has contributed to the Mondadori editor as a press graphic designer and to Tempo Magazine as art director,
. founded the movement Arte Concreta in 1948 with Gillo Dorfles, Gianni Monnet and Atanasio Soldati,
. concentrated on industrial design after World War II,
. designed educational books for children and books for adults that are unreadable,
. began to experiment with light projection through coloured plastic to create coloured-light compositions in 1950,
. gained the title of 'founding father of Italian design' after a career of over seventy productive years.


. Compasso d'Oro award from the ADI (Industrial Design Association), 1954, 1955, 1979
. Golden medal of the Triennale di Milano for the "Libri illeggibili-Unreadable books", 1957
. Andersen award as best child author, 1974
. Honorable mention from the New York Science Academy, 1974
. Graphic award in the Bologna Fair for the childwood, 1984
. Award from the Japanese Design Foundation, for the intense human value of his design, 1985
. Lego award for his exceptional contributions on the development on creativity of children, 1986
. Award from Accademia dei Lincei for his graphic work, 1988
. Award Spiel Gut of Ulm, 1971, 1973, 1987
. Honoris causa in architecture from the Genova University, 1989
. ADCI Milan Hall of Fame in creativity and communication, 1990
. Brera Academy - Marconi award, 1992
. Honorable partnership of the Harvard University

Famous Work:

Chair for short visits, 1945, for Zanotta
Zizi Monkey, 1954, for Pigomma
Cube Ashtray, 1957,  for Danese
Falkland Lamp, 1964, for Danese
Tetracono, 1965, for Danese

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Zizi The Monkey




Chair for Short Visits

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