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Christopher Dresser
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Christopher Dresser

born in 1834 Glasgow, Scotland
died in 1904 Mulhouse, France

. received training in design at the Government School of Design, Strand, and took botany as his specialization.
. after completing his studies, lectured in botany and art-botany at the School of Design and the Female School of Design.
. was awarded a doctorate in absentia from the University of Jena, Germany in 1859 for his writings.
. applied for the chair of botany at University College, London in 1860 but the position was given to Daniel Oliver.
. having lost the position as the chair, focused on his activities as a designer.
. unlike the craftsmen of the Arts and Crafts movement, was well aware of the potential of linking industrial mass production and top-quality design.
. wrote several books on design and ornament, including The Art of Decorative Design (1862), The Development of Ornamental Art in the International Exhibition (1862) and Principles of Design (1871-72).
. during 1876/77, traveled about 2000 miles in Japan and recorded his impressions in Japan, Architecture, Art and Art-Manufactures.
. represented the South Kensington Museum while being in Japan, and was received at court by the Emperor.
. designed over 1000 pots between 1879 and 1882, as Art Superintendent at the Linthorpe Art Pottery in Linthorpe in Middlesbrough.
. is widely known as Britain's first independent industrial designer.


Famous Works:

Watering Can, 1876, for Richard Perry, Son & Company
Toast Rack, 1879, for James Dixon & Sons
Teapot, 1880, for James Dixon & Sons
Sea Urchin Vessel, 1879-1882, for Linthorpe Art Pottery
Chair, 1880-83, for Chubb & Co.
Tall Split Handle Jug, 1879-1889, for Linthorpe Art Pottery

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