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Studebaker Avanti
Raymond Fernand Loewy

Born in 1893, Paris, France
Died in 1986, Monte Carlo, Monaco

. started his career as a fashion illustrator then changed his career path in 1929 and  revolutionized the industry, working as a consultant for more than 200 companies and creating product designs for everything from cigarette packs and refrigerators, to cars and spacecrafts,
. became a  U.S citizen in 1938,
. lived by his own famous MAYA principle - Most Advanced Yet Acceptable,
. lectured at institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University, and the University of Leningrad,
. founded three design companies: Raymond Loewy and Associates, New York; Raymond Loewy International, London; and Compagnie de I'Esthetique Industrielle, Paris. His writings include The Locomotive: Its Aesthetics (1937), the autobiography Never Leave Well Enough Alone (1951) and Industrial Design (1951),
. began working as a habitability consultant to NASA in 1967 till 1973 ,
. the Smithsonian Institution opened The Designs of Raymond Loewy, a four-month exhibit dedicated to "the man who changed the face of industrial design" in 1975,
. has rightly found his place in history as the Father of Industrial Design.


. Office of the Year, Office on permanent display at Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1934
. Gold Medal in Transportation, Paris World Exhibition for GG1 locomotive design, 1937
. American Design Award for S1 locomotive design, New York, 1938
. Royal Designer to Industry of the British Royal Society of Arts, London, 1939
. Fellow of the American Society of Industrial Design, 1946
. First American designer to meet with Japanese emperor and prime minister, 1949
. Special Honoree Award "Joy of Living", American Society of Industrial Design, 1969
. Special Award of Merit, American Society of Industrial Design, 1978
. Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts, Royal College of Art, London, 1982
. Designers Hall of Fame, 1989
. Automotive Hall of Fame, 1997

Famous Works:

Lucky Strike cigarette package, 1942
GG1 and S1 locomotives, 1940s
Studebaker Starliner Coupé, 1953
Greyhound bus and logo, 1954
Slenderized Coca-Cola bottle, 1955
Studebaker Avanti, 1963
John F. Kennedy memorial postage stamp,1964
Exxon logo, 1966
Shell International logo, 1971
Interior of Saturn I, Saturn V,and Skylab space station, 1975

- www.raymondloewy.com

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