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Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Hill House Chair
Charles Rennie Mackintosh

born in 1868 Glasgow, Scotland
died in 1928 London, UK

. first apprenticed to a local architect John Hutchison, in Glasgow.
. got further architecture education by evening classes at the Glasgow School of Art.
. won the prestigious Alexander Thomson Travelling Studentship in 1890 and this allowed him to make an architectural tour of Italy.
. by 1896, was designing furniture for Messrs. Guthrie and Wells and exhibiting with H. J. Macnair and Frances and Margaret Macdonald as "The Four".
. made his first grand architectural project, the Glasgow Herald Building, in 1899 while working with the Honeyman and Keppie architectural practice.
. in 1903, became a partner of Honeyman and Keepie.
. in 1906, designed the Scotland Street School, which became his last major architectural commission.
. due to economic crisis, resigned from Honeyman and Keppie in 1913 and started his own design office, however was unable to sustain it.
. in 1914, moved to London with his wife and continued to paint and to create textile designs.
. between 1923-1927 created a large portfolio of architecture and landscape watercolor paintings.
. died on December 10, 1928, in London, in a nursing home.
. had a considerable influence on European design and had been an inspiration to MEDes.


Famous Works:

Argyle Chair, 1897, for Cassina S.p.A.
Queen's Cross Church, 1898, in Glasgow
Glasgow School of Art, 1899, in Glasgow
Hill House Scotland, 1902-1904, for the publisher Walter Blackie.
Hill House Chair, 1903, for Cassina S.p.A.
Willow, 1903, for Cassina S.p.A.

- www.charlesrenniemac.co.uk

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