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Paimio chair, Model no.41
Arm chair, Model no.31
Stool, Model no.60
Alvar Aalto

Born in 1898 Kuotane, Finland
Died in 1976, Finland

. studied Architecture between 1916-1921 at the Technical University of Helsinki,
. opened his first architectural office in Jyväskylä in 1923,
. married the designer, Aino Marsio in 1924,
. experimented the bending of wood with Aino Marsio for five years,
. established an experimental plywood workshop in Turku in 1929 with Otto Korhonen,
. started to produce his innovative plywood chairs in the1930s, and create a new trend in use of plywood,
. built Paimio Sanatorium in Turku in 1930s,
. designed the Villa Mairea, one of the most admired buildigns of modern architecture with his  perception of organic links between people, nature and buildings,
. founded Artek, a furniture design company in 1935 with his colleagues Harry and Marie Gullichsen,
. his design philosophy was influenced by nature and organic materials, unlike other furniture of the same period with materials as tubular steel, which were quite modern at the time,
. designed vases with curvilinear bases and straight sides for Savoy Restaurant – Turku in 1937 which produced in Iittala glass works,
. with his innovative designs and natural forms he changed the course of design towards organic Modernism,
. his ideas had a strong influence on designers of the period such as Charles and Ray Eames,
. the beauty of his work is hidden in his design approach of Functionalism but with a strong connection to the organic relationship between man, nature and buildings. He coordinated those three components and created a synthesis of life in materialized form,
. designed in very different scales, buildings, town plans, furniture, glassware, jewellery and other forms of art,
. the city Jyväskylä is associated with his name, contains more of his buildings than any other city. 37 of his 70 designs for the city have been realized.

Member of Congrès Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne in 1928,
Awarded with gold medal by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in 1957.

Stockholm 1930 Exhibition,
Exhibition of Finnish design, Fortnum & Mason in London in 1933,
Paris 1937 Exhibition,
New York 1939 World Fair,

famous works:
Paimio chair, Model no.41, 1930-1933
Arm chair, Model no.31, 1930-1931
Stool, Model no.60, 1933
Tea trolley, Model no.98, 1935-1936, for Artek
Savoy Vase, Model no. 3031, 1936
Y-Leg stool, 1946-1947, for Artek
Fan-Leg Stools, Model no.x601&600, 1954 for Artek
Paimio Sanatorium, 1930-1933
Villa Mairea
Municipal building in Säynätsalo, 1952
Vuoksenniska Church, 1959

- www.alvaraalto.fi

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