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Leaf Light

Leaf Light, 2005
Herman Miller, USA

Yves Behar

Aluminium, plastic, LED

W 22.2 cm, H 53.3 cm, D 22.2 cm


The LEAF lamp was the first lighting project of Behar for Herman Miller.

Behar designed the brand strategy, product, logo, packaging and art direction of the new lighting business for the company.

The LEAF lamp is an advanced LED task light that brings a new experience of light: it is the first lighting product that offers users the choice of warm mood light and cool work light. It is remarkably energy efficient, using 40% less energy than an equivalent compact fluorescent for the same light output. Its distinctive sculptural aluminum body, engineering that makes it cool to the touch, and universal touch interface made the LEAF lamp a big success for Herman Miller both internationally and domestically, spawning several lower cost next generation products, including Ardea, also designed by Behar.