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Toy Furniture

Toy Furniture, 2008
Machineous, USA

Greg Lynn

Recycled plastics

(Dog Shelf) W 238.8 cm, H 45.7 cm, D 101.6 cm
(Duck Table) W 106.7 cm, H 55.9 cm, D 106.7 cm
(Eggplant Table) W 61 cm, H 73.7 cm, D 61 cm
(Shark Duck Table) W 152.4 cm, H 76.2 cm, D 152.4 cm
(Whale Table) W 304.8 cm, H 38.1 cm, D 76.2 cm


The Toy Furniture are made of recycled plastic toys.

Awarded the Golden Lion at 2008 Venice Biennale, these are the first generation prototypes of high technology scavenging of recycled plastics for furniture.

The Recycled toys are laser scanned and digitized into a computer, they are designed and arrayed like bricks, their intersections are defined as cutting paths, and a robot cuts their joints and connections with precision. They are then welded together with a tool used to repair car fenders.

The Toy Furniture series consists of Dog Shelf, Duck Table, Eggplant Table, Shark Duck Table and Whale Table.