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Light Light Chair

Light Light Chair, 1987
Alias, Italy

Alberto Meda

Carbon fiber, Nomex composite honeycomb

W 55.2 cm, H 74.3 cm, D 49.5 cm


Meda is acknowledged for his ability to use state-of-the-art materials in ways that are visually arresting as well as structurally sound. For example, he created the sculptural Light-Light chair using a honeycomb core and a matrix of carbon fiber to achieve remarkable strength and lightness. The chair weighs only 1 kg.

Meda began, halfway through the 1980s, to experiment with new uses for carbon fiber composites - a sandwich with honeycomb core of Nomex (a special type of polyamide) and unidirectional carbon fabric coverings -- usually utilized to make strong, light components for the aerospace, racing sectors and most recently in the sporting world (tennis rackets, skis and fishing poles).

Alberto Meda 's 'Light Light' chair was manufactured using this process and were among the first applications of composite materials in the furnishing industry. The 'lightlight' experimental chair demonstrates the use of carbon fabrics in an epoxy resin mould with unidirectional meshing in carbon to achieve a useful, comfortable and very light chair.

The manufacturer Alias accepted the risk of experimentation that went along with the project - unfortunately costs of production were high, because of the use of genuine craftsmanship; it required strong manual skill to place the material in the mould in a controlled manner.

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