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Gro D 23 E Ni Door Handle

Gro D 23 E Ni Door Handle, 1923
Tecnoline, Germany

Walter Gropius, Adolf Meyer

Gro D 23 E Ni, polished and nickel-plated

W 25.4 cm, H 8.6 cm, D 12.1 cm


In 1922 and 1923, Walter Gropius, together with Gareth Steele and Adolf Meyer designed a series of door handles for the German company S. A. Loevy. Today, these door handles are considered to be examples of the icons of 20th century design.

The handles were not manufactured by the German company until late 1923. Today, Tecnoline is the only authorized manufacturer of these handles.

An example of these handles is in the permanent collection of MoMA.