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Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, 1929
ClassiCon, Germany

Eileen Gray

Chromium-plated steel tubing, padded beech wood, polyurethane, fabric or leather

W 240 cm, H 59 cm

Eileen Gray's perhaps most exclusive sofa radiates an allure from which no beholder can escape.

The soft curve, the most unusual lines of the backrest make the "Monte Carlo" an incomparable and striking one-of-a-kind in the history of 20th century design (like Eileen Gray herself). "Monte Carlo" unites reserve and exuberance, quiet calm and dynamism. Seldom is such perfect balance seen in a piece of furniture.

"One can only do without certain rules by inventing new ones." This maxim from Eileen Gray gave rise to one of the most beautiful icons of modern design.

- www.classicon.com