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Bookworm Shelf Unit, 1994
Kartell, Italy

Ron Arad

Batch-dyed retardant PVC

W 820 cm, H 19 cm, 20 cm


Bookworm is a wall-mounted shelving made of translucent, flexible, plastic extrusion with hinged and injection moulded wall brackets/bookends.

The Bookworm bookshelf was originally produced from steel. But when produced in a Technopolymer Semi-transluscent plastic it instantly became one of Kartell's best selling products.

The theory is that you are supplied with a length of shelf (comes coiled in a box) and a number of wall brackets (dependant of the length of the shelf). You then draw/design the shape of your own bookworm however you wish.

Bookworm is available in 3 lengths and 6 colours (Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Opaline, Green): 1 m, 3.2 m , 5.2 m and 8.2 m