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Morrison Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker, 2004
Rowenta, Germany


Jasper Morrison


Polypropylene, stainless steel, glass

W 37.5 cm, H 36.5 cm, D 23.5 cm


A new era in small home appliances has been ushered in with new designs by Jasper Morrison for Rowenta, Germany. A project that has been three years in the making, Morrison rose to the challenge of working in unfamiliar territory by designing appliances that echo his clean, meticulous and detail oriented furnishings and accessories.
The pieces he has come up with are impressive both visually and in the function. The first release of designs includes a hot water kettle, a coffee maker and a toaster.

In thes coffee maker, hidden within are all the necessary elements for use, including filters, spoons and measure. The carafe is available in stainless steel (10 cup) or glass (12 cup) versions. An innovative three position lid conserves aroma and flavor and keeps coffee warmer longer.

- www.jaspermorrison.com

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