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Steltman Chair, 1963
Rietveld by Rietveld, Netherlands

Gerrit Thomas Rietveld



W 50 cm, H 70 cm, D 45 cm


The asymmetrical Steltman chair (1963), designed for the Steltman jewellery house in The Hague, has the open composition of horizontals and verticals so characteristic of Rietveld.

The Steltman is available both in a left-handed and a right-handed design; in a white stain wash and a clear varnish version.

"The Steltman chair is a remarkable design. Each view is asymmetrical, yet the design itself is well-balanced. Material and space freely intermingle.In designing this chair, Rietveld reaffirmed his reputation as a totally free spirit: a man able at the age of 75, to create a chair from wood and leather that incorporated the same revolutionary qualities as designs he made as a member of the De Stijl at the age of 30" (Peter Voge, The Complete Rietveld Furniture, p. 166).

- www.rietveld-by-rietveld.com