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Child's Wheelbarrow

Child's Wheelbarrow, 1923

Gerrit Thomas Rietveld

Painted wood

W 31.8 cm, H 28.9 cm, D 85.1 cm


The impact of Rietveld's designs galvanized a renaissance that would influence the worlds of architecture and design for decades to come.

His cartoon-like wheelbarrow for children dating 1923 is one of them. The perpendicular relationship between vertical and horizontal lines and the compositional concept of de Stijl movement is clearly seen in this design, including perpendicular joints known as the "Rietveld joints". The Rietveld joint produces designs that, rather than being dovetailed and seamless, reveal their straight-edged, architectural shapes.

- www.gerrit-rietveld.nl
- www.moma.org

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