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Charlotte Perriand with Le Corbusier and Edouard Jeanneret
B306 Chaise Longue
Bamboo Chair
Charlotte Perriand

born in 1903 Paris, France
died in 1999 Paris, France

. in 1925, graduated from a five year furniture design course at the Ecole de l'Union Centrale des Arts Decoratifs.
. in 1927, exhibited the Bar sous le Toit filled with tubular steel furniture at the Salon d’Automne and was invited by Le Corbusier to join his studio to design furniture and interiors.
. in 1928, designed three chairs with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret - the LC2 Grand Confort armchair, the B301 reclining chair and B306 chaise longue - for the studio's architectural projects.
. in 1930, travelled to Moscow for a CIAM conference and designed fixtures for Pavilion Suisse at Cite Universaire in Paris.
. started to work on the Salvation Army headquarters project in Paris in 1932.
. in 1937, left Le Corbusier's studio to collaborate with the artist Fernand Leger on a pavilion for the Paris Exhibition.
. in 1939, when World War II began, designed prefabricated buildings with Jean Prouve and Pierre Jeanneret.
. was appointed as an advisor on industrial design to the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Japan in 1940.
. in 1950, designed a prototype kitchen for Le Corbusier's Unite d'Habitation apartment building in Marseilles.
. collaborated with Erno Goldfinger on the design of the French Tourist Office of London's Piccadilly.
. in 1998, published her autobiography, Vie de Creation (Life of Creation).


Famous Works:

B306 Chaise Longue, with Le Corbusier, 1928, for Cassina S.p.A.
Swivel Chair, with Le Corbusier, 1928, for Thonet
Fauteuil Grand Confort, with Le Corbusier, 1928, for Cassina S.p.A.
Bamboo Chair, 1941, for Takashimaya Department Stores
Kitchen Unit, 1950, for Le Corbusier
Mexique Room Divider, 1953, for Les Ateliers Jean Prouve
Synthese des Arts Stacking Chairs, 1953

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