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Volga Vase, 1983
Nove Bassano, Italy


Matteo Thun


Glazed porcelain

Ø 15 cm, H 54 cm


By the late 1970s, far too many forms were becoming unimaginatively predictable, as they tended to follow conventional assumptions about their functions: it was time for those assumptions to be questioned. And that was what the Memphis group did. In 1981 Matteo Thun joined forces with Ettore Sottsass, Barbara Radice, Michele de Lucchi, Aldo Cibic, and Martine Bedin to found Memphis.

Matteo Thun's designs for Memphis were for the most part ceramics in bizarre forms with wavy, jagged rims, including the vase "Volga" made in 1983. Matteo Thun left Memphis group in 1984.

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