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Tam Tam

Tam Tam Stool, 2002
Magis, Italy

Matteo Thun

Rotational-moulded polyethylene

W 56 cm, H 35 cm, D 26 cm


The Tam Tam Stool is a fusion of the traditional Japanese and the fairly new Japanese “kawaii” phenomenon where the fascination for cute things has become a cultural trend. The result is an irresistible piece of furniture that can serve both as a stool and as a design piece.

The Tam Tam Low Stool is shaped like a traditional Japanese stool commonly seen in Zen gardens. The seat is curved in such a way that it is deeper in the middle than on the sides. Its frame is a letter “o” placed on top of a flat rectangle.

The Tam Tam Stool’s rotational molded polyethylene comes in a range of six colors - fucshia, green, beige, orange, white and metallic silver - and it’s suitable for outdoor use.