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Mezzadro Chair, 1957
Zanotta, Italy

Achille Castiglioni & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

Stool. Chromium-plated steel stem.

W: 49cm, H: 51 cm, D: 51cm

The stool ‘Mezzadro’ is one of the best products to show how an existing item could turn into a totally new combination that is appropriate for mass-production. It is basically a tractor seat from the 20th century which has become a stool to be used in houses. The prototype has been exhibited at the 11th triennial exhibition in Villa Olmo, Como in 1957.

‘Mezzadro’ consists of four parts and even in the fixing system a well-known object-a large butterfly nut- has been used to allow the system to be settled without any other tools. The seat is made of sheet metal enameled and stamped and it is being held by a leaf spring in stainless steel. A part of the tractor seat has been turned the other way for extra spring and the cross bar out of wood, is set cross-wise at the bottom of the stem in order to provide the stability.

The seat can be found in aluminum, orange, red, yellow, white or black and the foot is in treated beech.

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